Wednesday, December 19, 2007

riding the bus with tim and other adventures.

its well known by now, that i don't ride the buss that often, but i do ride it with tim occasionally.

we got on at what Tim calls, "one of the creepiest bus stops in all of Denver." I think this is most likely because there are always people loitering there, waiting for one of the 6 buses that goes by there, all times of the day. that corner- though near allot of other more fixed up blocks- is particularly sad, with a gated up, abandoned looking building, trash, grime and construction across the street.
there was the man in a long blue polyester/nylon jacket, wearing a crappy see through, woven cowboy hat and missing- from what i could see- most of his teeth. he reminded me of "midnight cowboy," and of what i can only assume would have happened to that guy in real life.
he was with a woman who was slightly less creepy. i could only guess where they had been and where they were going.
they helped a new rider find the correct bus stop.

there were the teen aged black kids, riding home from a day of picking out Christmas presents on 16th street mall. they shared an ipod.

the other black kid- and the only other person who appeared to be dressed as warmly as tim and I, wearing a black long haired rabbit coat with hood.
he chatted briefly with the 2 Hispanic guys who went out grocery shopping in flannel shirts and a cam corder. they looked cold.

there were no less than 5 guys dressed in work cloths that suggested that they were doing construction of some sort.

they all exited at various stops. and i found myself wanting to everything about them.


in further news I attended White Christmas last Saturday. it was alright. couldn't hear allot of it, and there were some serious costume/time period issues.

walking back to our car we were behind a couple kids about my age. they were wearing black.
my mom and mother inlaw signaled for me to slowdown, "to put more space between us."
now, i'm a rather jumpy person. i'm more cautious than most people i know. and allot of things make me nervous. these boys did not bother me at all. in fact they were about the least creepy, non-family, i may have ever seen down town. mild punkers, in black. prolly gamers a bit too. harmless. [also it was 5pm.]
how sad. these boys were NOTHING compared to the bands of hooligans that roam 16th in droves. some of them are also harmless. i bet most would fight or at least seriously hassle you if you gave them any crap. these are the kids that saw Tim carrying a sward and preceded to surround him and follow him, asking stupid middle school esk questions like "do you have a girrrrl friend?" and so forth- went as far as to try to take his sward [in box], and follow him down the street for a ways.

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