Wednesday, November 21, 2007

more ramboling.

the j-ello didn't go as planned. apparently liquer weakens the consistancy- thus making it not mold quite right.

though my mom liked DDR, so were having an after TG DDR day. should be good.

so. ozzy had this crazy idea that he wanted to go outside this morning- most likely he and falkor needed a break from fighting. Instead of doing his usual, go out, discover its fucking cold and then come running back in- he wandered off.

took me half hr to get him to come home.- then i locked my keys in the car. thank good the side door hasn't been fixed, so i could get back in and get tim's car key.

it empty at work today. though it does not feel like a holiday is as far away as tomorrow. I've got some graphics that I'm enjoying working on. its coming together slowly, but i think its going to be good when it all done.

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