Tuesday, November 13, 2007


i have a winter birthday. - yes, i know its still technicall fall for a few more weekes afterwords. but seriously. its december. its winter.

i have never tired of a winter birthday eaither. i always hope for snow. snow and sledding and hot chocolate- and new disney movies. its a very lush season for partys and celebration.

my only complaint has been finals. i have been routenly ditched on friday afternoon, or saturday night so that people can study for finals. [ i have never understood this. i have never studied for anything on a saturday night.]

usually i'm not a big party person. alot of times i spend my birthday with one or 2 people.
this year i am feeling up to a group outing.

yes, my first choice is night sleading. but i know better than to count on snow.

what i think we will do is go to Zoo Lights. they open friday dec. 7th.
then dinner- someplace warm for food and drinks.

any one who wants to join us is welcome to- further information will be posted at a lator date.

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