Tuesday, April 10, 2007


so.. the sickness that has apparently been going arround the office is now here. that right folks i may very well have another round of strep. i'm going to the dr. tommorrow.
I got to leave work ealry, good generaly, but it was going to be a good week. company meeting, nice lunch out, and a visite to the screen printers and another lunch out. a soccer game... good stuff, you know.

hopefully its just a head cold and i can go to work tommorw...

today is also tim's surgery. thats right folks, he will now have a bullet proof groin.

i was going to go hang out w/ him today, but i do not want to get him sick as well, or katy for that matter.

my lawn needs to be mowed.

i watched running w/ sissors this afternoon... [ok i started it at like, 11:30am], very good. glad i finally got to see it. didnt seem to get much press when it came out and went through the theaters quick. also finally saw a preview for half nelson. i tink i will have to see that as well.

so sad, i was looking forward to seeing the boy this afternoon... but that has been squashed. after a nice weekend of sitting arround i was lookngiforward to a busy week. today i could concevibly get something done.. but my head is a bit fuzzy and i cant think of anything i have been wanting to do.

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