Thursday, April 05, 2007


HISTORICAL ZOMBIE FICTION! how could not want to wrte a short story for that?

ok, i prolly wont, but i know some one else who will.

i went grocery shopping today. i was out of paper towles, tp, ramen, mac n cheese, etc... it dosnt matter that ihave the ingrediants for shrimp scampi w/ grilled asperigus in my friedg, that will not get me through the general week.
so right now this very moment i am boiling eggs to put in spicy pickle juice, and making mac n cheese. why? well i like pickled eggs.. and mac n chees sounds reallly good even though im not hungrey. prolly 3 bites tonight and the rest for breakfast.

i sohuld be in bed... but i didnt really get home untill 8 and i hate getting home and then going to bed and then going to work again in the morning.
i am picky aobut my appartment and soforth, because i want to enjoy being home. and i do. im just not here nearly enough. sadly i have to move again in june. several reasons. so tim and i are on the hunt for a new "perfect place."
hopefully we will find it. becuase i hate settling. maybe its because i'm an only child and usualy get what i want, and maybe its because i'm picky. but really if i'm going to pay good money to live somewhere i want to rally enjoy it. because i like being home.
eaither way. it will be happy. i will have a boy to kiss good night every night of the week, and he can stop having to decided between the kitten and me. now i just need to get kitten to stop trying to sleep on my head.


Big Tuna said...

Ozy? Stop being a little brat? Good luck with that theory :-P

Marc said...

Hey, I might have a couple leads on potential "perfect places" - let me know if you have any luck in your hunt!

And we still must do Burgers Plus - doiiii!

erinrae said...

do theses "places" involved the bus lines: federal, 44, 32, 38 or colefax?

Marc said...

Eh, one of the said locations might... the other is here in Westminster just to the south of the airport. It would be closest to the 108X (which only has a few trips daily), and is also served by a call-and-ride. It could also be a long, but potentially doable, walk from the 76 (Wadsworth). This one is actually a coworker and his sister (my age) that rented a house and are looking for at least 1 more roommate.