Monday, October 30, 2006


so the snow squirrel is now a little 2 foot tall pyrimid.

i may get my car back later this week.
related news, i may stay in fro halloween as to avoid any more crazys.

think i decided on an apt. preperations are to be made.

i need to see if i have funds for both china and london...

it got cold tonight.

i hate comming out of work and having the sun going down.

my soccer game last night was dirty and poorly reffed. seriously i thought we were gonna fight.

i got invied to play friday nights.

we are having squash, cheeses on pasta tommorw.

everyone it seams has a birthday in november.

i dont know what to get any of those people.

i want a rase from work. and i'm talking at least $5k. greedy? maybe? anoyed that *I* am the one that actually does most of the work and i make the least. aware that this is how it often goes. yes.

tired of living at home. terrified of moving out.

orion is cleer in the sky right now. go look.

i am tired.

i am deaf.

i am frustrated.

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