Sunday, November 11, 2012

Writing to write

My Christmas Cactus is getting ready to bloom. Lets hope that this year my cats don't eat all of the buds off. [Apparently there are variety's that are actually Thanksgiving Cactus's.]

Tomorrow I have my first day off from work that hasn't involved a doctors appointment in a month. I think I'm going to try to schedule a visit to the chiropractor. My back is feeling wonky- and worse and worse, really. I haven't been in for an adjustment in at least a year, maybe two.
We had a very wonderful and much needed Sunday of sitting around watching TV. Seems like we have been so busy and so tired lately.

I'm working on xmas gift lists. What to get other people, what to ask for my self. My birthday is in December, so its always a bit odd. I need to start writing things down and saving lists. My husband and father are the hardest to shop for.

A few years ago I finally admitted to my self just how much I truly enjoy the holidays. Its not so much about presents- but more about decorating, party's  food, friends, movies, music and beautiful things. Its all I can do to not stock up of lots of decorations at Target. For one, I don't have much space in my house for display [or storage], for two, our cats do tend to get into things, and I hate to find things broken or knocked over.
This year I'm not sure my house will get much love. My store, however, is getting totally decorated. I am making paper garlands, snow flakes and window displays this week. We will have gift boxes and shrink wrap. I have some fun kids holiday things, but also just great supplies. Art supplies doesn't need a season.
I am trying to get some homemade ornaments and cards to sell on consignment as well. I am really thrilled to be a part of a small business district.We are promoting both Small Business Saturday and in December Jingle Mingle. There will be a window display contest. Not sure that we will win, but I most certainly win for most contentiously changing window display.

This December will be crazy. I have lots of classes planned in the shop, and the general hubbub, and well, everything else. I'm excited.

I have a ripe pomegranate on the kitchen counter. I think I will devour it tomorrow.
This probably sounds weird  but I am totally looking forward to doing some major hose cleaning and garage tetrasing tomorrow.Maybe work in the yard. I am just glad to have nothing planned.

My husband has just returned from the store with a box of wine and ingredients to make potato leek bacon soup and roasted brusselsprouts with pancetta and some sort of salad.

We had a long talk about Thanksgiving planning. Maybe doing a friends potluck TG on Friday, looked at recipes for delicious things.

Wouldn't it be fun to do a once a month iron chef style pot luck with a set of friends? Like, say, everyone bring a dish involving potatoes. Then assign main course, apatizer, salad, dessert.

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