Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Salida, CO

Last weekend I headed down to Salida with some Roller Derby folks, to ref a bout between RMRG Kill Scouts and Ark Vally.
It was both a fun and horrible trip. Coming off of a cold, I found that congestion + altitude change = complete deafness. it was a bit scary, and I was with a group of quiet talkers who just didn't really "get it." I also suffered my first ever migraine following the bout. My friend Amy came to the rescue with Excedrin and good company. But I had fun sardined into a car with 4 other people for the road trip, meeting new people and having some amazing green chili at the Boat House in Salida.

Looking South over Salida from the "S"

Looking West over Salida from the "S"
A cute blue house with a yellow roof

Stiff Peg Pete with with a Party Boat sized drink
A pretty window box, still in full bloom outside Amica's Wood Fired Pizza