Thursday, August 25, 2011

Technology here we come!

Big news on my end- I've been approved for new hearing aids! This is a really big deal, new aids can cost between $3,000 to $6,000 a pair- and insurance doesn't usually cover them for adults.
So how is it happening? I'm working through DVR- I originally went through them for help getting my business up and running, and while they may help with that, they are starting off by getting me some new hearing aids.
My old ones, at this point are over 8 years old- usually aids are replaced every 3 to 5 years if possible. So, long story short, with my non job having status we are in the income bracket to have aids covered completely. I am happy that they also allow me to keep working through my current audiologist, who is also deaf, and entirely awesome.
I will probably test a couple different pairs, just to see what works best.

First up: Phonak Solana



When you cannot easily face the speaker, e.g. in a car, ZoomControl can be selected to zoom to either side, the back or the front for effortless understanding.

UltraZoom Advanced

In noisy situations with several people talking around you, UltraZoom automatically zooms to the voices coming from the front. Noise from the side and back is cut out.

I have some questions about this model, of course- like how does it handle on the phone and so forth. But I am excited to try it out.


Quog said...

That misses the most critical feature: instead of horrible shrieking feedback when the microphones get covered, it makes lightsaber noises!

erinrae said...

Husband approved