Thursday, July 07, 2011

4th of July 2011

Whelp, Tim and I had a pretty gosh darn good 4th of July weekend this year.

Thursday: Dollar bowling with friends
Friday: We hit up Santa Fe for First Friday. After I got claustrophobic we went over to Pirate art gallery, where, in true Pirate fashion, some of the art was taxidermy animals.
Saturday: Tim and I headed to Boulder to find him a new pair of shoes and wander around. We lunched at the Tea House, where we enjoyed tea picked by trained monkeys and delicious food stuffs, and had a terrible waiter. Then we headed over to a big back yard bbq, hung out and chatted and ate and ate and ate.
Sunday: I went to roller derby, Tim went to his current RPG and then we headed to Slones Lake for a picnic with friends and to watch the Edgewater fireworks.
Monday: Lazed around the house watching X Files before going down to the horse races at Arapaho Park. The horses run every 15 minets or so, so it's quite fun. Once we were too hot to enjoy the races any longer we wandered over to my parents house for dinner, drinks and a round of Bocci.

And that was that. 5 days of friends, family and food.

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