Thursday, April 07, 2011

Alexa Meade, may she inspire you.

I was posting so much for a while there...

Today's awesomeness: truth + fairy tales has a blog post on 24 year old artist ALEXA MEADE.
A few images below, check out the original blog post, and Alexa's web site, portfolio, flicker page and online interview with Juxtapoz magazine.

I feel like I have seen this concept before, but where, I don't know. Alexa's work is beautiful. I cant wait to see where her career goes.

Artist Statement:

Growing up in Washington, D.C., I had the opportunity to work as a press intern on Capitol Hill throughout high school and college. Later, I worked as a press staffer on the Obama Campaign. Spending my formative years immersed in the world of politicians and PR led to a fascination with the possibilities of repackaging source texts and adding superficial modifications that would profoundly alter perception. What the audience ultimately unpackaged was a personal interpretation of an already mediated re-presentation.

In my current work, I construct and then photograph ephemeral installation sets that feature an assemblage of found objects and live models, which I have covered in layers of acrylic paint. I paint the surfaces of the human subjects, the material objects, and the architecture of the installations so as to collapse the subject, foreground, and background into one continuous plane. I present my ephemeral portrait/performances as both live, interactive installations as well as permanent photographic indices of these experiences.

By using paint as a mask that mimics the surface attributes of my source materials, I repurpose the common codes of painting and create a reciprocal self-referentiality in which the reference envelops its referent. The time-based portrait/performance installation is mediated through still photography, providing a record of the performative act in which the codes for representation/painting and indexicality/photography converge.

All images are copyright Alexa Meade.

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