Wednesday, November 17, 2010

cover those windows!

if you're like me and living in an old house with old windows, you know that winter can mean COLD and that your heater goes into overdrive trying to keep the house at 68 at best.

one option is to buy the window shrink wrap kit. these come with double stick tape and shrink wrap. This works Great! ... except that you cant open your windows on a warm day to air out the house. also its not reusable.

option two, i read about this morning, and would be willing to give it a try.
Basically you spritz your windows with water and then stick up large bubble, bubble wrap. apparently the wrap sticks to the water. sounds like it works similar to the shrink wrap method. but it can be eaisly taken down and put back up, should you want to open your windows, and the wrap can be used for something else later.

Below images and info courtesy

"Spray the entire window surface with water."
"Stick a sheet of bubble wrap on top."

"The entire window covered. "

"My understanding is that this boosts the window’s efficiency by double because the air pockets in the bubble wrap insulate the windows and also allow the sun’s rays to still come through the window during the day to heat up the house."

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