Monday, September 06, 2010

sold a roll top desk and a pair of roller skates to buy a banjo.

For several moths i have been taking banjo lessons. Actually for the last couple i haven't, but have been practicing at home.
I have been renting an instrument, the deal was, the rental fees from the first 6 months become a store credit towards purchase of an instrument, after that they just go into the void of rental fees.
I've reached my 6 month mark, and I'm still interested in learning. really learning, how to play.
Its an instrument that i like, and my chance to have a musical ability beyond the simplest one note song i learned on the recorder in 3rd grade.It has become clear that it would be in my best interest to invest in a really good beginner/ intermediate banjo, rather than a cheap one.also i have been renting a nice one. so you know. hard to go back now.
So. i sold my roll top desk, and my roller skates to buy a banjo.
Option 1.
I've been renting the Deering Goodtime II. it's easy to tune and the sound is good. but its plain. and who ever designed the head was an idiot.

But I've been researching painting it. I've heard that painting can change the sound, but by how much i don't know. A number of months ago i fell in love with the Sara Ryan painted Creston guitars.What if i added similar style designs on the back and head? [i do know of people who have taken the whole thing apart to refinish it, but i don't want to do that.]

Option 2.
The Morgan Monroe MNB-1W
I've looked at numerous pics of this banjo and it is very red and apparently there is quite a bit of gold- rather than nickle color on it.
i like the mother of pearl inlay. overall it is much prettier.

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