Thursday, April 08, 2010


I've started thinking about the upcoming camping season.

Places I'd like to go:

The Spot outside of Eagle that we tried to go to last summer.
it had Caves and hiking and a lake [i think.]
tip: don't try to camp anywhere where the rodeo is in town.
tip: take a map, even if you know where you are going. if you stop knowing where you are going, buy a map.

The place we actually DID camp last summer. between Gateway and Grand Junction.
Absolutely stunning. 4 wheel drive is needed to get in and out of the canyon.

somewhere in New Mexico.
Elephant Rock sounds nice.
basically i absolutely adore norther New Mexico and never pass up a chance to see Taos. and we haven't been in a couple years.

where do you want to go? and who wants to go with us?

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