Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gift List 2009

Because its fun to make a list.

i 'm not going to lie. i like expensive things. it just happens.

1. wood ring. the one i LOVED is gone but the other i liked quite a bit is still there. the purple one is gone. probably because it was fabulous. the purple one is gone. probably because it was fabulous. size 8. i like the orange one second best.
2. Product Image Canon Digital Rebel XSi

3. Product Image Canon PowerShot SD1200IS
in Orange or Blue

4. Gift card to local nursery to get a cat proof cactus garden going in my window planters.

5. Electric fireplace. Estate DesignFulton 23" Transitional All-in-One Electric Fireplace- from lowes

6. Corral Boots. [i can get these for 1/2 price]. there as another pair i liked, but they didn't have a snip toe. i will see whats new in Jan.

7. booties from Old Navy - in turquoise- not shown online.
8. scarf from Old navy.- also not online apparently- i want the blue and white stripe t-shirt fabric one.

9. Wire Snow Flakes from Crate & Barrel

10. platter from Crate & Barrel

11. Birch Platter from Crate & Barrel

12. vintage table cloth.
i like this one. its mildly terrifying.

13. i like this t-shirt. in M.

14. the Pam Pre or the Palm Pixi. i like that the Pre has a larger screen and i like that the Pixi doesn't have any moving parts. Oh and a 2 yr contract. K thxs.

15. 2 plane tickets to Taipei, Taiwan.

16. Fossil Handbag.
in Red or Rust
or in Blue

17. Bird Lemon Juicer at Williams-Sonoma... or frankly just about anything else from WS.

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