Monday, October 12, 2009

weekend run down

we attended Jack - o Launch 2009 on Saturday.

it was 18 degrees out, a bit breezy and snowing. everything was running late.
we were joined by friends Robin & Charles and a surprising number of other people willing to weather the weather. We also saw AP and the kids. the Bean did her best to turn into a Popsicle.
after a couple hrs we successfully saw some pumpkins launched and then ran back to the car to warm up.

We watched The Changeling. it was dark and depressing. Its Monday and i still need to watch something Disney to make up for it.

we had dinner with R & C who made a yummy white chili and chocolate martinis.

Friday we went to Cecil's birthday party, where everything was red.
and we filled up the rest of the weekend shopping for Halloween costume components.

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