Friday, August 21, 2009

to the mountains again!

we head to the mountains again this afternoon, for what will be henceforth known as "epic beer run."

part of how we ended up in some of our last camping trip calamity, was due to taking a scenic rout from delta to glenwood. we had hopped to stop and get some beer at our favorite nano brewery in paonia. we found it, but discovered that it did not open until 4:30 that afternoon, and later found out that they had sold out the night before.

i checked the weather- no rain or snow in the forecast for tonight/tomorrow. we head out this afternoon. our goal is the Apricot Ale. we may drive back tonight, we may camp by the rive and drive back the next morning.

this is where we are headed.

you can also catch them next weekend in Ouray at the Brew festival. we went last year, it was great fun.

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