Monday, April 06, 2009

rumble rumble.

stuff going on.

wanted to say something about it. but now i'm here. and i really don't.

sometimes its good to have that talk with someone, that they have changed. especially if you can distinctly point out what has changed. its so easy to forget. for changes to get "normal" when really they are not. its usually not a fun conversation to have. but its a good one.

we think i might have sleep apnea. that would explain a lot of things.
need to reschedule at the TCM clinic too, the acupuncture a few weeks ago really helped.
i need to be moer on top of taking care of my self.

can wait for this semester to be over. there are so many things i want to do. but its easy to get in over my head. Derby is requiring more of my time than i had originally thought it would. and that toppled with having a class a few days a week, working 40hrs and playing soccer.. is just... too much for me. i'm an intorvert. i like to be home. and i dont like having my weekends planned out 2 months in advance. [oh yeah, i'm in a wedding this spring too, and there are many ongoings with that.]

on a high note: we have waffles this week. yum.

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