Sunday, June 03, 2007


in moving, we discovered a few things.

i, apparently, have a lot of chairs.... for those of you who helped us move i have 3 more that are not here yet.

we have a combined 7 pitchers and 9 sauce pans....

we still had no more that 1 decent knife.

new stoves make nasty plastic burning smells when you first use them.. and many other "our first apartment" stories that will be told till you are sick, and if you are not by then, we will force you to look at our lovie dove-y screen wallpaper. please aim away from the keyboard.


Marc said...

you must tell me said apartment stories so i do not fall into the same pitfalls (but rather my own new, unique, amusing ones)... i am about to sign a lease to my own place on 120th in broomfield.

acturi said...

well, first off, you sohuld check to see just how many hot/cold knobs there are in she shower- we have 3 sets!

actually if you moving into a new place you will probably not have the same problems/ adventures as us.