Monday, May 14, 2007


and so it rains tonight.

there are 2 thoughts in my head. one is the more basic of the 2. for once i am not out riding in it.

the other a slurry of memories and ideas.
i had heard at soime point that when it rains during a funeral it means god is drying adn the person is goin to heaven.
the problem with that statement is, if its not raining where you are on the day of a funeral, you might feel bad or something. I think it is really more to comfort those who do have rain during funerals.

it rained at columbine... for the week or 2 afterwards it rained, it seemed, everyday.
now this is not a subject that i bring up often, we heard too much bull shit about it in general.
but those families are still suffering the loss of loved ones. and that, is not fake. or media driven.

when columbine happened i sent out an email- reading something to the extent of: as it rains tonight we cry for those that were lost. it was poetic, i don't remember most of it anymore. with in an hr i had that email back. my name had left the bottom of it, but the forwarding had already reach hundreds of people.

when it rains in late spring i think of my grandfather, grandmothers, neighbors, friends and students- that seem to always go in the spring, and who i have never forgotten.

so i send this message into the deep void; none of you have been forgotten, you remain in my heart always.

when it rains, i cry and the memories flood back anew.

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